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Getting kids active and engaged in a regular fitness programme helps make exercise a habitual part of adulthood.




IMOVE Training offers children and young people a safe gym environment to develop strength and fitness. Whether your child wants to get the edge over their competition and improve their performance in sport, or, just looking for an activity to improve fitness and confidence - we can help. 


Based in a state-of-the-art facility in Swindon, we’re committed to providing a positive, encouraging, dynamic and fun environment for your child. We can meet your child’s needs by identifying and tailoring the training or activities to suit their level of physical development.


IMOVE is run by David Parker, who is a qualified fitness trainer, strength coach and experienced fitness presenter and educator.



Our junior training programmes are based on the latest research in effective youth development coaching. In doing this, we’ve also created 10 ‘imove principles’ which explain the different factors we take into account when designing our sessions. The imove principles underpin a complete system of structured activities designed to develop and promote what we call physical literacy. 


To those who are physically literate, physical activity will never be a chore! 

#1 MOVEment skill first

Children who master fundamental movement skills in their early primary years are more likely to be active and enjoy a range of recreational and sporting activities. Our sessions can help your child master these skills.

#2 challenge is important

Exercises need to suit individual children and be challenging, yet attainable. To ensure your child continues to progress, it’s also important they experience success as this will build their confidence and improve their motivation.

#3 have fun

If children are to regularly participate in physical activity, sport or exercise, it must be fun. So while our sessions contain key movement skills that will improve overall motor skill competency, we also make sure they’re interactive and fun. If an activity is fun, your child is much more likely to stick with it.

#4 develop confidence

We plan exercises, activities and games that are at your child’s level of learning so that they experience success and develop confidence. When your child’s confidence is high, they are more likely to want to attempt harder skills, which helps them progress. Enjoyment is the main reason for playing and the positive emotions felt from experiencing success contribute significantly to your child’s sense of wellbeing and health.

#5 making a connection

For children to adopt and seek regular physical activity, it’s important they connect to the activity, to the coach and to the other participants. Through positive encouragement, we select activities that children enjoy and set them appropriate challenges. we aim to understand each child’s individual characteristics and what makes them tick so that sessions meet your child’s needs. 

#6 taking ownership

We believe every child must take ownership over their own health and physical activity. Active children generally grow up into active adults and sedentary children grow up into sedentary adults. 

#7 equal but not the same

We treat each child with the same level of respect and consistency, irrespective of their ability or background. We also understand that every child is an individual with different needs. Some children are able to follow structure and others need more free play and creativity. Social skills and emotional and physical development occur at different rates and an activity that might be suitable for others, might not be suitable for your child. That’s why we design our sessions to cater for all abilities - each child is allowed to develop at the correct pace for them.

#8 long term development

Our programme of activities is guided by currently-accepted Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) models, meaning we take age, rate of growth, emotional development, maturational status and physical adaptations to development into consideration in all our programmes. This means young people can systematically develop the physical qualities they need to enjoy sport, stay healthy and injury free, and ultimately, enjoy life. 

#9 team work is essential

It’s important for your child to learn to work with others if they are to achieve goals in cooperative and competitive sporting and games situations. Our sessions are designed to help your child use their strategic thinking and work with more-skilled and less-skilled peers to improve their game performance.

#10 become the role model

We want all children to become role models for other children to look up to, and encourage behaviours which lead to them participating in regular physical activity. However, being a role model is more than just a set of actions to follow. It’s also possessing a set of values such as dedication, commitment, effort, respect, enjoyment and patience. For children to lead active lives, it’s also important for them to have adult role models around them and we ensure we demonstrate role model behaviours in all our sessions.

Our Philosophy

What parents and

others say

"My boys have been attending sessions with Dave for many years and still enjoy going. So much so my daughter has now joined, and my youngest is keen to join when he turns eight later this year. Their core strength is fantastic and has helped them in their sports as well as protecting them when they play, which I believe has helped them avoid injuries. I couldn’t recommend these sessions or Dave enough!"


"Our son has been attending sessions with Dave for over a year now and absolutely loves it. As a result of the sessions, his increased strength and fitness levels have massively helped him improve his rugby performance. He has been taught all the correct techniques for strength training and his confidence levels have improved. He also enjoys having fun and working as a team with the group of other rugby lads that attend."


"I have known David, personally and professionally, for 17 years. He was my tutor at Premier Training, and his teaching was exceptional. He has and continues to inspire me to always to learn and educate myself. David is by far the biggest influence on and reason behind my journey as a fitness professional and  global educator.


He is a world-class fitness educator and my  go-to-person to question and bounce ideas - he is a leader of leaders!"


"Dave has been running an after school club for over a year. He's been focusing on many aspects of physical exercise which we cannot deliver such as weight training. A number of the children have previously had little interest in exercise but, under Dave's expertise, they have become more engaged in adopting exercise as a lifestyle. Dave injects knowledge with fun."






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